A new brand to make it easier for shoppers to recognise organic produce they already know and trust

At Nature’s Haven we already know that our certified organic produce is highly sought after by organic retailers. Organic retailers find our organic produce easy to sell which is a good indicator that it is also appreciated by discerning shoppers.

We are a very large certified organic grower in the certified organic market and we harvest as much of our produce as possible over the whole year. We are responding to feedback we have received from shoppers who want to know where their food comes from. So we thought health consious shoppers, like you, would appreciate the ability to recognise our produce when it is available in your preferred organic store.

So we would like to introduce LongLegs, our new brand for our Certified Organic Produce. Meet Bob, our bird, who will be making regular appearances on our website to provide you with information on certified organic produce and our produce in particular.

Bob is inspired by the Brolga (a regular visitor to our farms) and is a large, gangly, knocked kneed bird with long legs that we hope will amuse you with his clumsy, comical ancedotes of what is happening on our farms and will feature regular cartoons that we hope you will find entertaining and informative.We hope that Bob will give you some insight into who we are, our organic philosophy with regard to growing food and updates on produce availability.

Bob invites you to join our community. With your support and feedback we can foster a better understanding of the benefits of certified organic produce and get better product to you.